SAT/ACT/AP Classes

SAT/ACT preparation at BrightNup:

Our experts know the SAT/ACT inside and out and help students get the score through effective strategy and practice.

Our students were tremendously successful – many students got over 1550 in the new SAT

The course teaches skills needed to master individual subjects and tests

Offers foundational, lifelong learning strategies

Small group classes – 4:1 tutoring

Numerous practice tests

Offers time defined workshops – 11 weeks (every week 2.5 hours)

The course fee - $750 for the entire 11 weeks.

Impressive success - many students got above 1550 in the new SAT tests


If you would like to know more about SAT/ACT prep classes at BrightNup, please call (703)-5073074 or email –

Help on High School honors/AP subjects:

BrightNup is proud to help students on High School honors or AP subjects.

 All teachers are highly experienced, knowledgeable and extremely confident on the subjects that they teach.

The class size is very small – only 4 students in a class. This helps students be more interactive with the teacher.

Weekly one on two classes based on students need

Mock College Board AP testing is also provided

BrightNup currently offers High School tutoring on the following subjects

Algebra 2


Calculus AB/BC





Fee - $30 per class. The fee must be paid in advance for at least eight classes. 

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Teacher is great. The curriculum and worksheets are exactly what my daughter needed to motivate herself. She really loves the critical thinking and word problems. We have made the right choice.

                                                                  - Vikram T.

BrightNup’s critical thinking and problem solving worksheets are really well thought out. These worksheets are very interesting and challenging. My daughter loves doing these worksheets. She loves the teacher too. It’s a great value for the money we spend.

                                                       - Farhana A.

My son is in eight grade and I have been looking for a place to prepare him for TJ exam. I have enrolled him in BrightNup’s TJ Prep program. The English and Math teachers are excellent. They are so detailed that my son gets everything that he needs to master a concept. We are really glad to have enrolled him in BrightNup’s TJ Prep program.

                                         - Igbal A.

We have enrolled both my son and daughter in BrightNup’s English and Math programs. I see tremendous value in these programs. The curriculum is very structured and weekly worksheets are just great.  Moreover, the class is very small-sized and the teacher is superb. I wonder how BrightNup has found such a nice and dedicated teacher.  She makes learning fun for young kids! I see a tremendous improvement in them in just two months. I am so pleased that I have started recommening my friends to enroll their kids to BrightNup programs as well.

-- Genevieve W.