Math - Problem Solving

Program Overview

  • The program instills into a child’s mind a habit of daily study and responsibility
  • The program prepares a child for real world application and standardized tests
  • The curriculum and materials are very carefully designed to be challenging yet interesting ensuring that a child gets interested on her/her own to take the challenge that he or she needs to gain academic excellence.
  • The program has a strong focus on problem solving, analytical and critical thinking
  • Math curriculum is divided into three major sections

1. Repetitive math basic operations

2. Review of math concepts/skills

3. Problem solving, analysis and critical thinking

  • Year-round program and a child can join anytime during a year
  • Very structured curriculum. Parents get to know what their child would be leaning in an entire year
  • Not grade based, but fully level based materials. A child is not confined with his or her grade level in the school and is allowed to advance to his or her level based on his or her abilities
  • Four (3 pages long) worksheets per week that students are expected to complete in a week
  • Teacher teaches and grades/evaluates child’s work. Teacher discusses with the child the areas that can be improved.
  • Weekly quiz and monthly test
  • Constant feedback and guidance to parents
  • Rewards children for their good work and working habit. A child gets points based on their work habit and accomplishment. Once a child accumulates a certain points, they can redeem for a reward. This reward program is mostly to encourage children for their hard work, work habit and accomplishment.


  • Your student is expected to come at least once for 1 hour long (2 hour long if he or she is enrolled in both Math and English programs) in a week for lectures from teachers
  • In addition to the weekly lectures from teachers, it is recommended that your child comes to the academy once or twice a week for worksheet completion and quizzes. Homework help is also provided during these extra sessions

For more details on class schedule and fee go to: Schedule & Fee

See our curriculum and sample worksheets.

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Teacher is great. The curriculum and worksheets are exactly what my daughter needed to motivate herself. She really loves the critical thinking and word problems. We have made the right choice.

                                                                  - Vikram T.

BrightNup’s critical thinking and problem solving worksheets are really well thought out. These worksheets are very interesting and challenging. My daughter loves doing these worksheets. She loves the teacher too. It’s a great value for the money we spend.

                                                       - Farhana A.

My son is in eight grade and I have been looking for a place to prepare him for TJ exam. I have enrolled him in BrightNup’s TJ Prep program. The English and Math teachers are excellent. They are so detailed that my son gets everything that he needs to master a concept. We are really glad to have enrolled him in BrightNup’s TJ Prep program.

                                         - Igbal A.

We have enrolled both my son and daughter in BrightNup’s English and Math programs. I see tremendous value in these programs. The curriculum is very structured and weekly worksheets are just great.  Moreover, the class is very small-sized and the teacher is superb. I wonder how BrightNup has found such a nice and dedicated teacher.  She makes learning fun for young kids! I see a tremendous improvement in them in just two months. I am so pleased that I have started recommening my friends to enroll their kids to BrightNup programs as well.

-- Genevieve W.